Adore your bathroom with toilet and sink combo in UK

Toilet and sink combo

It is all about toilet and basin in your bathroom

When it comes to the renovations of your bathroom, many people are focusing on bigger features such as the bath, the pool, or the shower cubicle, but the modest washing toilet and basin are just the most used bathroom appliances. So, what do you do to make sure you do the work comfortably, smoothly, and properly when it comes to replacing them with your renovations?


Start with basin 

Choose your new bathroom wash basin first. First, you should. Toilet and basin should obviously complement the other appliances in your bathroom. But also make sure that the new washbasin you buy matches the old one’s gap. When you are glad that the new basin suits where the old one was. You must turn the water supply off before everybody else in the house knows that the water does not return to it while you are still working.

  • You should remove taps and pipes from the old basin and place the taps on one side if they are reused or disposed of if they are not needed again.
  • Now the new vessel will be mounted on the pedestal or on the wall, where it should be positioned although it stands freely. When it stands freely you should use a standard degree to make sure it is level.
  • When this phase has been completed, you must connect the old (or new) tap again and make sure that the right pipe is fixed. You would not want the cold tap to run hot water. So you should run a ring of silicone sealant around the back of the basin to avoid any splashes of water flowing down the bottom.
  • You can turn the water back on after the sealant is applied and have a nice experience washing your face in your fresh washbasin, knowing that a task has been well done.

Come to the toilet, Now!

You will have to do a job from time to time in your home that you do not expect on the toilet and basin. You may be tempted on several occasions to hire the services of a professional vendor. But you can do some of these tasks yourself with some effort, planning, and analysis. One of the tasks you might try is to replace an old toilet with a more modern version in your bathroom. Just a few basic steps are required to help you achieve the task successfully without having a dealer. When you have determined which toilet, you want to equip here.

Some Key Points 

  • First, cut the water supply into the toilet and then flush it. And make sure the bowl is empty and stored in sealed. Then detach any water pipes from the toilet so that the pipes are positioned safely on the one side as they are required for the new toilet to be connected.
  • You can now check the toilet pedestal for an adjustment of the toilet to the floor. Or a silicone sealant at the foot of the toilet to the base if the attachments are not accessible. Remove either the attachments or the sealant from the toilet base and remove them from the bathroom.
  • At this point, you should put in place a new toilet. And repair the toilet pipework before you repair the new toilet basin on the ground. Finally, it is important to connect the drainage to the back of your toilet. To ensure it is adequately filtered as spills or leaks can be very unpleasant from this position
  • You should re-activate water sources carefully and have towels ready for leaks. Hopefully, you have shifted successfully from an old to a pleasant new version over your toilet.
  • We will provide you a quality pair of toilet and basin sink combo. That you can easily install on your bathroom and will double the grace of your bathroom.

Ending Note!

Toilet and sink combo are the basic items in any bathroom; hence, these should be given with the utmost importance. The Royal bathrooms in the UK have multiple ranges for these items. They, likewise, provide free guidance for selecting and installing the right products for the available space. Discount coupons and after-sale services are their competitive advantages in the industry. Reach them!


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