An Ultimate Guide on SEO Packages for Small Businesses

A Brief Guide on SEO Packages for Small Businesses

Are you owning a small business and looking to get started with SEO, so this guide is for you. SEO Packages in India vary greatly on the SEO Services Company you are going to work with and the specific needs, goals of the clients. There are misconceptions in start-ups and mid-sized businesses that they can’t afford SEO packages and work with reputable digital marketing companies. But as I said the SEO packages depending on the specific needs and goals of the clients.

Is it worth choosing SEO Packages for Small Business?

SEO is an affordable way when 90% of consumers go online before they decide to make an online purchase. They look for the services and products compare them with others before they make their decision.  SEO is a great way to put your business and services in front of your potential customers and stay ahead of your competitors, which can ultimately boost your sales. You should consider these before you choose SEO services company in India.

Being a Small Business You Need to Consider these in SEO

  • Website: Mobile-friendly website with good loading speed.
  • Content: Content is king in SEO and your content should explain your business and services.  
  • Content marketing: Let your customers know about your products and services through a great content marketing strategy and also you can target a wider audience. 
  • On-page: Your website health should be optimized before you promote it. 
  • Local SEO:  If you are targeting local business then you need to consider local SEO best practices.
  • Authority building: Best off-page SEO practice that can build your website authority.
  • Credibility: Submit your business to review sites and b2b research sites.


What Exactly SEO Packages Are?

SEO is all about getting top rank in the search engine result page and drive traffic to your website. Google notices, crawls and Index every available web page on the internet. When searching for any keywords, Google retrieves the most relevant web pages and shows the best result based on the number of ranking factors.

To give you the best result many SEO services agencies offer SEO packages in India with a wide range of pricing. Their packages include a number of services at a monthly fee. Here you need to take care of what your SEO package should include before moving forward. 

In India, many agencies charge between $149-199 per month for their services. SEO is all about your investment the more you will invest, the more services you will get. Although companies customize their monthly packages as per customer-specific needs. 

Small Business SEO Packages: What Should They Include?

The motive of each client and their business are different, so SEO Services Company customizes their packages as per their needs. In general, every SEO packages have a common marketing strategy which is called the five pillars of SEO.

  • Research & Analysis Phase
  • Improving the functionality and user experience
  • On-page SEO and content marketing best practices
  • Off-page SEO best practices
  • Social Media


Final Thoughts

Getting top results is not that tough, yes but you need to focus on the right SEO Strategy for your website. For small businesses, taking care of strategies and SEO packages you can stay ahead of your competitors.  

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