Different between CNC Lathe vs CNC Machine

CNC lathe machine

Are you perplexed between a CNC lathe and a CNC machine? Well, it is quite natural to confuse between the two as both of them are used as the tooling component for adapters, bushing, and threading inserts.

But getting puzzled over these two machines is not the ultimate solution for your work as you need to be well-acquainted with them to get accurate results while using the right machine for your job. So, let’s find out more about CNC lathes and CNC machines before you head out towards a CNC lathe machine seller.

What is a CNC machine?

When it comes to CNC machine tools, then the CNC machines are one of the most effective and widely used products. Generally, the outer and inner cylindrical surfaces of a disc or shaft are created with this type of machine.

It is also used for creating outer and inner conical surfaces of the taper sides and many more complex curved surfaces. A variety of CNC machines for sale are out there that do such jobs with proper efficiency.

What is a CNC lathe?

The CNC lathe is a manufacturing unit that works by pre-programmed computer software. It is used as a prevalent factory tool or machinery to control a vast range of other equipment. A CNC lathe uses computer-controlled machines to create an end product.

The process includes a single-point cutting tool, which is inserted parallelly along the material to cut it. The material rotates with the changing speed while the tool traverses, forming a cylindrical cut with proper measurements. You can easily opt for a CNC machine buy India to add more speed to your industry work.

Benefits of CNC lathe over CNC machine

Now, here we will discuss how CNC lathes are advantageous over the CNC machines.

More added accuracy to work
CNC lathes provide more accuracy and consistency in the final product. The entire process in the machine is very precise, and it can be used for repetitive usage over and over. Moreover, with CNC lathes, the chances of achieving 99.99% accuracy are relatively high, rather than with the CNC machines.

Helps you to accomplish your job on a faster note
CNC lathes work with more efficiency and better speed as compared to the CNC machines. A computer controls the entire process, and therefore the automated system increases the speed and quality of the product obtained.

It enables you to produce tons of products with a similar dimension and accuracy. Besides, the automated technology serves a quick result for the intricate parts with a unique detailed shape.

Simplifies the job for the basic skilled operators
When there are CNC lathes, there is no need for having high skills. Any operator with the basic skills to master the machine can operate it at ease. Moreover, the CNC lathes are safer for the operators than a CNC machine. The operators do not have to stand there to operate the equipment. Also, these machines are kept behind a particular safety door.


The working procedure and structure of both machines are very different from each other. However, both of these are very important for metal processing. The key difference is that the CNC machine is stationary; however, the CNC lathe works on a three-dimensional axis and moves according to the program set by the expert.

So, if you are looking for a top-notch CNC lathe machine manufacturer, then you should check out the NeoTech group. They provide high-quality CNC lathes, which are highly reliable and durable.

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