Guide to Hire Exterior Painting Contractor

Exterior Painting Contractor

Guide to Hire Exterior Painting Contractor

Painting a home or office has the power to transform the place. However, it is a huge investment, and you need to make sure you are protecting your investment. It can turn sour if you are familiar with how you can hire a painting contractor in Manassas. Hiring the wrong contractor can be a costly deal with loads of frustration and stress. 

Certain home improvement projects should only be handled by professionals, and exterior painting is one of them. Even though many homeowners consider painting a DIY project, it isn’t. Painting is, however, a complex project which only a professional can handle. A little mistake can lead to costly issues. Therefore, make sure you hire a renowned and experienced exterior painting contractor. 

Who Is a Painting Contractor?

An exterior painting contractor does all the work related to the painting. He/she has the general liability and workers’ compensation insurance, which helps you protect you from any issues. A contractor will work under a general painting contractor or as a subcontractor. 

How to Hire A Painting Contractor?

If you live in Manassas, it is not hard to find a painting contractor. Most contractors are usually local. They provide various services such as minor drywall work, cleaning, wallpaper service, molding, etc. following are the useful tips that will help you find one of the reliable local painting contractors in Manassas

Searching Is the Key

You have to search well and use the internet for that. Searching is the key to find a highly reputed and professional painting contractor. Visit as many painting contractor’s websites as possible to choose the best one. Never miss the reviews. They will make it easier for you to know whether the contractor is worth hiring or not. Besides, you look for a local contractor in Manassas. A local contractor will be trustworthy and experienced. You can also get recommendations from your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Consider these recommendations to hire a painting contractor.  

Work with A Professional

Most people make a mistake by hiring an amateur and unprofessional painting contractor and end up having trouble. It is tempting for people to save money by hiring painting contractors who are not licensed and certified. However, it can cost you more at the end of the day.

Besides, most people try a DIY painting project, and due to unprofessionalism, they mess everything. When you have planned to hire painting contractors, make sure you hire an experienced professional familiar with the job. While hiring them, ensure that they are licensed and ask for the insurance certificate. 

Compare Different Contractors

When you are looking for painting contractors online, select three to four contractors, and compare them. Most painting contractors provide you with free cost estimates. Comparing these estimates and the services will help you determine which contractor can best-suit your budget and painting needs. Make sure you are comparing more than two contractors so that you have various options to choose from. Moreover, compare the policies along with the quotes to know about the reliability of a painting company. 

Interview Before Hiring

It is one of the best ways to hire a reliable exterior painting contractor. While hiring a painting contractor, make sure to conduct both telephonic and face-to-face interviews. While conducting a telephonic interview, you should conduct it between four to five contractors. You can ask general questions about their experience, services, costs, etc. It will let you, which is capable of providing you the right painting services and meet your exterior painting reviews. 

However, when it comes to a face-to-face interview, you need to conduct it between the top three painting contractors. While you are conducting the telephonic interviews, any contractor can tell you that they can provide you professional services, but it is not true. A face-to-face interview will help you know more about the contractor. 

Ask Questions

When you are looking for a painting contractor, you should prepare a list of the questions you should ask to know about the painting contractor’s reliability and professionalism. The painting contractor is going to be in your property for a long time. You cannot simply trust an unprofessional or novice contractor. Here are a few questions which you must ask while hiring one of the contractors. 

  • Do you possess insurance?
  • Do you work with the employees or subcontract jobs?
  • How many years of experience do you possess?
  • Which type of paint will you use?
  • Are you going to be personally involved with my project?
  • Is there any safety program?
  • Can you provide me with any references?
  • What is the duration of the warranty?

Ask for References

Asking the exterior painting contractor for the references is one of the best ways to hire them. The references can help you know about the services of the contractor. You can visit or contact the former client of the painting contractor you are hiring. You can ask them about the quality of the service contractor provided them. Besides, you can ask them to show you the work they have done at their place. It will make it easier for you to find the quality of the painting service. 

Get Everything in Writing

Once you have decided on one of the local painting contractors in Manassas, it is time to ask them to get everything in writing. The written contractor increases the trust of the service provider. You need to make sure the exterior painting contractor you are hiring is willing to provide everything in written form. If the contractor is hesitant, avoid hiring that contractor. Besides, make sure everything is included in the written contract, including:

  • Applicable warranties
  • Project timeline
  • Payment expectations
  • Preparation details
  • Cleaning details


Painting your home, office, or business is a considerable investment. It is essential you hire a trustworthy and experienced painting contractor who will provide you with highly professional services. Never rely on an amateur and novice painting contractor. Hire a top-notch contractor in Manassas and avoid the DIY project because it only looks easy in the tutorials. Follow the tips mentioned above and make the most of your investment. 

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