How content creation plays an important role these days.


Content Creating Process Deserves the Rating


Everyone tells you that you need to write the best content, don’t they? There are few things that you require to be successful online are essentially these, if you have those things in place, people will find your website, link to it, and tell their friends about it. 

As usual, it’s not that simple, because: to make it work your content needs to be special. Some people can’t write well, whereas other people can write pretty well. That’s not enough as there is already much good content online. If you don’t know how to take the step from good to best, you are going to come unstuck. Following is the Content Creating Process deserves the rating.


Pick Your Topic

This is the bit that can sometimes be the riskiest because let’s face it, ideas don’t always come up when you want them to. Pick your topic is one of the best ways that explains how to create great content. Coming up with such great content ideas is a whole post in itself, but what’s important is to have a system. 

One good idea is to write a list of content ideas for the content writing process: A few of the good ways to make an old idea fresh and new are: Combine two apparently unrelated ideas. A significant point about the generation of the idea is that you need to have your mind open to new ideas. 

Don’t just sit down and decide to come up with an idea; get most of my ideas whilst reading the blog of other people or while writing your own. Your chances of coming up with a truly new, great, and unique content idea are pretty low in many niches. 

So, learn content creation in different ways, because from Facebook to Microsoft to your daily paper, to any brand or company ever, needs a content writer. 


Researching Your Post

Right, so you have your title, now it’s the perfect time to write it. This is one of the main steps involved in the Content Creating Process deserves the rating. If you are sitting down to write as you know that you need to then there’s a decent chance it will come out sounding drivel, so unless you really feel inspired to write your post, go for a walk and then come back later. 

The first thing to do is plan your post, to do that you need to do some study and research in the content writing process into what is already out there and what has done fine. 


Writing the Post

Funnily enough, you did all of the above before writing about it. That’s the odd thing about writing a post regarding writing a post! But you can digress, once you have your research, it’s time to plan and write the post. Just broke these into two headings, but you can also actually tend to plan and write at once, other people might prefer to separate the tasks. 

The perfect advice is to do it whichever way works best for you and also learn content creation! Based on the research split the post into 4 parts such as Generating ideas and title, Exploring the post, Organization and writing the post, and Marketing the post. Moreover, also focus on some other things while writing including the ranking, generating ideas, and shaping titles, being original. Also tackle things such as Format, readability, length, scan-ability, headings, etc and Search intent what your users want, make it actionable by using images and formatting.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one specific niche where it’s not always easy to comprise relevant images, many people used a screenshot above, but otherwise, they don’t unavoidably like to include images that add the no value. It is an important step in Content Creating Process deserves the rating. 

You might love to do the perfect formatting such as use bold, italics, bullets, and focusing liberally to highlight important points and to add lots of white space in the content. Post length is often discussed and I don’t think there is a right or the wrong answer, though longer content tends to rank well, don’t use that as an excuse to roam; because you also need to keep your audience involved. 

Be thorough, be short, and let your content be as long or short as it needs to be as per the requirements. It may be that your marketing strategy doesn’t include SEO (such as if you’re relying on Twitter and email to get traffic) but in truth, the above exercise is about making sure that your post attends the reader’s needs, not Google’s – if your content “justifies to rank” it perhaps “deserves to be shared” too. In this way, the people can get the answer of how to create great content


Marketing Your Post

No doubt you’ve heard the term content marketing, which is something big brands like Instagram do perfectly. All of the above was content, but the final step is about its marketing. If you follow the above-mentioned steps then your content will deserve to rank because of some meaningful inquiries, but if your post is hidden somewhere unclear then it might never happen. 

How your market your post will be contingent on your assets and the context: If you have the chance to post your post on a popular blog then you may not need to worry too much about content marketing. Whereas if you have a small blog with no following, then marketing your post might take more effort than actually writing it. 

Luckily, marketing great content should be comparatively easy. It is recommended starting with guest posting on the relevant blogs. Bloggers should be happy to let you link to your post as it is worth linking to.



Concluding there are some points that must be considered for Content Creating Process deserves the rating. Be generating content ideas all the time, keep your mind open and you can create the best content. 

Start with an idea and see what’s already out there and then work on it. Figure out how to enhance what’s already been written and plan your content and write it in a style for your audience to keep them involved. Think about ways how you will get traffic to the post

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