How To Create A Persuasive Landing Page To Increase Engagement

Increase Engagement

How To Create A Persuasive Landing Page To Increase Engagement 

A high-tech world requires high-tech techniques to cope with the increasing struggle. Many tactics exist that allow enhanced engagement of users. While designing a new landing page, it is a good idea to stay updated with the changing preferences of users to ensure you stay at the top of your game. 

Enlisted below are various new tricks that will convert a more massive crowd towards your page and ensure they stay. Surprise businesses listed on the Chinese B2B Marketplace and adopt these techniques to raise your engagement and conversion rates. 

Landing or Homepage? 

A question beginners tend to ask often; whether the landing page can be any page of the website or does it have to be the homepage. The answer is, “You Choose!” The choice depends on your goal or selling point. For example, if your campaign is aimed at a specific service or product, then direct your users to that page. If not, your landing page can be your homepage. There’s no harm in that. 

Whichever choice one goes with, the target is to create a landing page that gives your users a reason to explore and take action on that page. It should be convincing enough to influence direct action. 

SEO Rank

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking allows more users to be diverted towards your page. The page should be linked to precise search terms that would direct users to it. Some boosting ways include Google Adwords and various other paid platforms that provide links to your pages through their pages or search words. The advantage is that your product page can’t be missed because the higher ranking will ensure it is right in front of the eyes of users in between other searches.

Killer Titles/Subtitles 

Killer titles have to be attention-catching, exciting and relatable enough to tempt users to stay and engage. This is the beginning of your attempt to stop that user and ensure they explore. A valuable checklist needs to be crossed out for your heading to live up to the expectations of users: 

  • it should grab the user’s attention, 
  • it should be shorter than ten words at the most, 
  • accompany the heading with an image/video of the product 
  • provide a brief description or display of your product/service 
  • Make it clear, addressing the exact audience targeted. 

Easy Access to Sign-up

Users hate it when you make them click billions of times before they can sign-up. They get annoyed, and they leave. Ensure that their actions are limited, and in that limitation, you can get your way. Sign-ups requiring one click is a smart alternative to complicated systems. Create that button so irresistible that you leave users no other option but to engage. 

Colour Up Nicely 

It seems like a childish tactic, but undoubtedly it does wonders in the tech world. The display doesn’t always have to be out there to grab attention. Colours are linked to specific moods, emotions and feelings. If you pull the right thread, you have yourself another active user. Your brand colours should make that connection and hit the bull’s eye. The design, choice of colours, the visuals and the arrangement of the page can have a drastic effect on the user’s mind. 

Stop Overdoing It 

Nothing ruins the mood than a cluttered and overfilled landing page. It won’t allow your objective to be delivered to the user. Additionally, it will just annoy people providing too much information at once. The user should be able to absorb precise details and in the quickest manner possible. This world is all about speed and straightforwardness now. So don’t be scared of leaving blank spaces or white areas. They do more good than harm. It will display the cleanliness and organization of any company listed on a leading Worldwide B2B Marketplace

Build Genuine Trust 

Random browsing increases the risk factors in the minds of users. They yearn for websites and pages that are promising and can be trusted. Since the internet is full of fraudulent material, your landing page has to build that trust and live up to it, too. Promising the best outcome raises your chances of engagement from users. 

The list goes on and on but above are the main highlights one should keep on their fingertips to guarantee persuasiveness and user engagement. Good Luck! 

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