How to generate revenue from Facebook in 2020

How to generate revenue from Facebook in 2020


If you desire to build your career online, you must be skilled on a specific topic. It is a common recommendation for all of the newbies. But for generating revenue online, only an internet connection and a device are enough. Are you surprised to hear it? 


I hope you are addicted to Facebook. Don’t be irritated by hearing the comment about you. Maybe you are not addicted but most people can not think a single day without using Facebook. 


Don’t be surprised? If you can know that Facebook can fulfill your dream by providing cash for you.  


Now it is the biggest and largest social media platform where 23 billion users are active every month. Using the active users small and big businesses are growing up day by day. 


In this article, you are taught, How to generate revenue from Facebook? So you should dive into the article and learn about it.


How to generate revenue from Facebook?

The question is very common and pretty that I have used as a title. If you browse through a browser writing the question, you will have so many articles on the topic. I hope you are hereby searching through a browser writing the question or a keyword that helped to get the article. 


For that, you are welcome in the article and I recommend going through the whole article. 


All Facebook accounts do not provide revenue for you. So you have to create a professional profile on Facebook.


Facebook profile


For generating revenue from Facebook, a professional profile plays a great role. A good looking profile pic displays your personality or brand identity. A good description showoffs your creativity, brand, and business faculty. 


Therefore, you must create a profile including real personal credentials that can introduce you to your audience as an influencer, freelancer, business owner, mentor, or an expert on a specific topic. 


When you have a Facebook account with a professional profile, you need to create a Facebook fan page. 


Facebook page   


For creating a Facebook page, you have to follow the steps. 


  1. First, choose a profitable niche.
  2. The user name must be the niche related or you may use your personal name as a brand. 
  3. The profile and the cover photo will be your niche related that can reflect the features of your brand or niche.
  4. Finally, you need to insert a short description including the niche’s information that introduces your brand or niche to the audience. 


Once you have created the page, you must publish relevant posts constantly. On the page, all of the posts must be your niche related. With the posting content, you have to keep yourself engaged with your audience. 


Then focus on growing the page. For growing up the page you have to follow some steps. 

  1. Tray to always create informative and niche related posts.
  2. Keep yourself active most of the time of the day. 
  3. Build a strong relationship with your audience keeping engaged yourself by sharing your interaction, feeling, and emotion through comment or message. 
  4. Use some tactics. Like-


  • Offer exclusive deals
  • Run voting contest
  • Run a giveaway
  • Engage with your target audience
  • Use the follow button on your website

If you can follow the processes successfully, your page will grow gradually. 

Facebook group


Facebook group is another feature of Facebook that allows all of the members of a community to discuss their importance and necessity. 


Facebook group is a place where all of the members share their opinion on a specific topic. Like the page, create a Facebook group that you can connect to the page. 


At present, Facebook groups are more effective than Facebook pages for building strong relationships. A strong relationship can create a strong community, using that community, you may generate huge revenue from Facebook. 


To grow the community, you have to invest huge time and hard work. Facebook or any other social media sites are free for creating or sharing any other creations. Using the opportunity, you may keep engaged with your audience to build a good relationship. Otherwise, using all of the personal tactics you can grow your community like a Facebook page. 


For building up a community or a page, the most important factors are engageable content, your activeness on Facebook, presenting your creativities, etc. 


When you have enough members on Facebook page and group, you can monetize the members using the Facebook account, Facebook page, and Facebook group.


Make money from Facebook


Now you have huge traffic on your Facebook page, group, and even your Facebook account. When you post any content on your timeline, page, or group, you have huge reactions, comments, and share. After all, engagement is very high on the post. 


Then you have a lot of opportunities to make money from Facebook. Like-

  1. Sponsorship
  2. Creating a shop
  3. Selling affiliate products
  4. Selling account, page, and group



For getting sponsorship, you have enough followers. If you have a lot of followers who are always engaged with you, then you can apply for sponsorship. There are a lot of companies that are interested to promote their products or services on Facebook. They provide sponsorship to promote their products or services exchange of some cash. 

Creating a shop

If your niche is beauty and health that you discuss on the Facebook page, and group, then you may sell beauty and health products to those who are interested in the products. You can generate huge revenue selling beauty and health products because on the page, and group all of the members are care of health and beauty.


Selling affiliate products 

Affiliate marketing is the most effective and popular way to make money using Facebook. For generating revenue through affiliate marketing, you need to join your niche related affiliate company who provide affiliate links to sell their products in exchange for a commission. Sharing the links on Facebook, you may generate sales and make money from Facebook through affiliate marketing.


Selling account, page, and group

Finally, you have the opportunity to make money selling the old account, page, and group that does not want to continue but has huge followers. 


The way is very easy for generating revenue from Facebook. 


On the contrary, I hope you are clear on the concept of, “How to generate revenue from Facebook?” 


So you should not spend your time, start to focus on Facebook for generating revenue not only chatting, and dating but also making money to lead your Feature. Thank you for reading the whole article.


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