How to sell your tickets quickly

Being an event organizer is one tough task. From planning stage to marketing stage event organizers have to put in lot of effort and time. Every event organizer wants to make their event a success and that can only be done by increasing sales revenue and that in turn depends on selling the tickets. The more tickets you sell the more successful your event is. However when it comes to selling tickets quickly and easily many agents and organizers get stuck and sometimes even apply the wrong tactics. If you are an organizer or an agent and are confused about how to sell your tickets then let us guide you and make things easier for you. 

Tips for Selling Tickets Quickly

Let’s get on with some simple tips to sell your tickets quickly:

  1. Always start early i.e. start like one to two weeks before the original date you planned to start selling tickets. You can announce an early bid option for your premium customers or ones with membership and offer discount on early bird. 
  2. Post all the event agenda details for example when will the event start, when will the guest speaker will come etc. This helps to gain trust of people and show how carefully the event is planned.  
  3. If you are someone who is regularly hosting events then you can announce your next event on your current event. You can offer discount to those people who buy tickets during this event like giving a 20% discount or whatever you seem appropriate. To sell your tickets you can either set up a desk on the event or you can tell people to buy tickets online on Sell Ticket.
  4. Promote your event on social media like maybe starting a quiz and whoever answers the question correctly will get a free ticket. You can also go for paid marketing and pay for ads to be displayed on different social media platforms.
  5. Create Facebook group and a page for your event. Post interesting content like behind the scenes video and showing customers how the preparations of event are going.
  6. If the location of your event is beautiful or is surrounded with some amazing landmarks then you can use that too as a means of attraction for your event. Promote location of your event on social media to attract more audience.
  7. Many people love to attend educational conferences but still they would love it more if you have some fun activities as well like food stalls, games or a mini concert etc.
  8. If there are any celebrities coming to your event then you can ask them to make small videos and telling people to come attend the event. Post these videos on Social Media as well. 
  9. Use your sponsors to promote your event through their social media channels as well as they probably have a larger audience base than yours.
  10. Post testimonials and screenshots of reviews from the people who attended your last successful events. This helps to increase credibility.
  11. Create different ticket packages for example one ticket for whole event including conference and a concert and the other ticket for only conference but at a lower price. This way the people who cannot attend the whole event and are just looking forward to the conference can pay only for it.
  12. Optimize SEO of your event website. Do a research on your target audience and then insert relevant keywords and content on your website. This is also a very good way to grow your audience reach. 
  13. Use tickers on your website showing the countdown to people that the time is running out for registration. 
  14. Use email marketing. Target those potential attendees who have incomplete registration and then send them emails with different formats and catchy subject lines.

We hope you find these tips helpful and will utilize them for your next event. Anyways you can do all the steps mentioned above or you can just post your event ad on Sell Ticket, why? Let us tell you why.

Why Sell Ticket?

If you are unable to give required amount of time to your event and cannot do the marketing yourself then just leave it to us. All you have to do is get registered with us, post ad of your event including event and sell flight tickets price details and then just leave the rest to us. Our digital marketing experts will promote your event on different social media platforms to help you increase your revenue and to grow your sales. Like talk about convenience and ease, and that’s where Sell Ticket comes. Sell Ticket is the best ticket selling platform in UK; be it your concert tickets, your sports event tickets or any other kind of event, you can always count on Sell Ticket to sell tickets online with ease and comfort of your homes. So get registered with us and start selling tickets right away.

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