How to style a Casual Shirt for any Occasions

Dressing up for men can be confusing beyond imagination. If you are someone who is not much interested in shopping then you might pretty much have many that make you look like you are ready for any occasion instantly. When it comes to going out are you scratching your head and standing in front of your wardrobe without knowing what to wear? Then I think this is for you. To look cool and express a strong statement, in any event, is the ultimatum of dressing up. Know you can do that just with one of the most common staples of your wardrobe that is your casual shirt. Styling a casual shirt for men has endless opportunities; the trick is to click on the right button.

The versatility of a casual shirt

A casual shirt is a piece of article tips the balance between casual and formal. It is formal than a t-shirt and it is for sure casual than a blazer. The versatility of a casual is because it is not of extreme ends and can be styled to suit any occasion and event effortlessly and look like a brand ambassador of fashion style guides. 

Get ready for the office meeting

Men’s casual shirts are often made from cotton which makes it the perfect outfit to get along a busy sweaty day. Solid colored casual shirts, complimenting dress pants and loafers are the classic smart casual outfit for an office setup. If you want to create the best first impression with the clients on casual business luncheons, this look will take care of it. Is there a better way to notch-up your casual shirt for happy hours and office parties?

The casual dress shirt for semi-formal occasions

A dress shirt can be the perfect outfit for the evening parties and office parties. Simplicity is the factor when it comes styling a dress shirt. A casual dress shirt that is paired with the right studded cufflinks and tie is good to go for dazzling parties. Pair this with leather loafers or oxfords to take it to the next level

Dress casual for dinners 

A casual monochrome shirt with chino pants is the perfect choice for a casual dinner with friends or family. You can also hop onto a slip-on shoe to take the outfit to an edgier side. This can also be the apt outfit for an event for which you got an invite over the phone.

The country club-style

If you are enjoying the weekend at a friend’s house is just dinner with your gang in a nice restaurant, you can flaunt it with a polo shirt and a pair of khaki pants. Khaki pants should be a wardrobe staple of every man as it is a casual expression of masculinity and pretty much can be worn for any event. If you are hitting the cruise then there is nothing classier and casual than this outfit. You can get a variety of casual shirts online and stock your wardrobe.

Daily office outfit

A button-up shirt with minimal print or stripes paired with dress pants or khaki pants is a deadly combo. You can pair the same with a tie or a blazer to ramp up the outfit. Who is the coolest guy in the office? Without any doubt that will be you. Be mindful of the color of the casual shirt that you are choosing. Let the palette be neutral. Whit is an all-time classic and it will never fail you when you are going casual for the office.

The cocktail ensemble

A white or blue casual shirt with a dark blazer and tie can be never beat by any other fit for a cocktail party. Accessorize the suit by stepping into your best kicks that is harmony with the event like a loafer or leather shoes. If the party is casual you can also go for slip-on shoes.

Dress it up with a black tie

From formal dinners wedding galas, black tie is a trendsetter. With the printed branded casual shirt and fitting pants, you can add a black tie that is apt.

Bottom line

Casual shirts are the never go out fashion staple that is handy and camouflages with any background and event. For the best collection of buy casual shirts online and get delivered without strolling through shops and get tired by the end of the day.


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