How to Utilize Custom Boxes Spaces for Printing Effectively


Nowadays, custom boxes are a very important part of our business growth. Do you want your customer takes a product of just your brand on the rack among others? Are you looking for some means to improve your brand goods showcase? Then you are at the right site because Fast Custom Boxes have something that you would definitely like. Either it is the coast effective means of promotion or to deliver your products safely at the doorstep of your client. These beautifully printed boxes would be your best companion. 


Importance of Printed Package

Attracting your clients toward your brand doesn’t happen itself. For this reason, special techniques and strategies are required to print your packaging boxes. We assure you that after head on to this blog, all your doubts and confusions regarding the printing of custom boxes would eliminate from your mind. In this blog, you would get to know those important tips that you must keep in your consideration while customizing a box for your brand. These tips would be very helpful for you in the online designing service.


1) Use Upper Surface of Packages

When your delivery person gives your product in your customer’s hands or if your package is on a shelf of the supermarket. The first thing customer will look at is the printing on the upper side of your box. That’s why this upper surface is so vital in the case of printing.  

This part of your box is like the Ice-Breaker. So if you would print that portion professionally then it will ultimately boost your sales with double speed. 

  • You could place your company name and logo on that upper side.
  • A best practice is to Emboss or Deboss your logo on this part, which would make it more prominent.
  • Moreover, you could apply some coatings Like Matt or Gloss on that surface.
  • All those things will prove to be attractive welcome elements for your printed packages.


2) Leave the Corners

Printing some details, your company name, or an icon on corners is not a good practice. Such kind of printing was used for old packages of 1995. But it’s a modern age with a lot of daily changing innovations. In the customization, you would increase your package visual elegance by keeping it simple at a specific scale. 

  • If you would print something important on these corners it would lose its value.
  • Moreover, this thing will also affect your packaging look.  
  • Some machines add a few centimeters extra space from every edge of packages during the printing process. 
  • It would also cause cutting some part of your info if you placed it on edges in the online process of self-designing 


3) Add Beautifiers on Box Edges 

If you are not satisfied with leaving your edges empty. You can select different types of decorative options to add to your packages. 

  • You could add beautiful Ribbons on two corners opposite to each other in a diagonal way.
  • Moreover, you could add Custom Bows to fill that space.
  • There is a wide range of options that could also enhance your printing elegance, and act as a beautifier for your packaging products.    


4) Must Print Social Media Links

All the persons either with their new startups or with some running businesses want to get famous on social media. Social media is also a very powerful source of advertisement. Especially for online shopping. But the main challenge is how we could connect our brand with millions of people in a short time. Seems difficult? If you are a new business runner then definitely it would be. But you don’t need to worry now. 

  • Custom Boxes are the best means to promote your social media links as well.
  • Never forget to add your links of Facebook Pages, Instagram, and Twitter Official accounts print on one side of your packages. 
  • So, where ever your package will deliver your social media accounts would always be printed on them with high-quality inks. 
  • This will also help to connect people and get ‘Viral’ on social media with no effort.  


5) Add Letters and Texts

You must print some catchy letters on your packages. These words or short sentences are a nice way to take your customer’s attention. Just, for example, a printed package in white color. If we print some words like “ooh! How Sweet” on some candy or pastry packages this would paste an impact on the viewer’s mind that these pastries are so sweet. Similarly, there is a lot of special features of your products, which you could use to draw your client’s attention, as your key sentence. 


6) Print Gratified Notes Inside Your Box

You could also print some words of thankfulness for your buyers, to select your product. For this purpose the inner surface of your packages top side is perfect. In this way when your clients open your elegantly customized box, they would get another surprise inside. It would make your patrons feel unique by your brand.

It rises chances that people will take just your product again if they will be satisfied with the quality of the product once. So these printing strategies have their main part in making your long-lasting relation with buyers. 



Custom boxes are a new way to pack your different products with unlimited features and benefits. But it needs experience and in-depth knowledge of printing and designing. So you can make a box highly engaging and keep your packing style up to date. These printing tips are given by our highly expert graphic designers and marketing experts at Fast Custom Boxes. By keeping them in view while customizing your box you can avoid a lot of mistakes often made by new people. 

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