Important Factors That Affect How Many Instagram Followers You Have.

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Important Factors That Affect How Many Instagram Followers You Have

Many different factors contribute to determining the number of followers that you have. So, if you are looking to add more followers, you should have a close look at the below-mentioned factors. Although, you have the option to buy Instagram followers cheap if you want to. Buying followers in the initial days creates an impression on the audience that you have already had a good number of followers. 


Important Factors Related To Instagram Followers

  • Age

This is considered to be one of the integral factors which affect the number of followers that you have. You will certainly have more followers on average if you are in high school, middle school, or grade school when compared to a random middle-aged person. 

In the current days, parents are focusing on creating Instagram accounts for their kids or toddlers and they manage their accounts. So, depending on the specific content type, these accounts have generally had a very low number of the followers i.e. in between 10 to 100. 

In some of the cases, they have a high number of followers. This is only applicable if they feature content that is unique or interesting to the user. 

  • The Content In Your Account

Your content plays an integral role in increasing your follower count. So, it can hugely affect who as well as how many people follow you. Sometimes, posting the same genre of photos is not enough, but it all depends on how you present your content. 

This is the main reason why you should avoid copying the concept from the others who are having a lot of followers. Instead of that, you should be creative in how you are posting your content on Instagram. 


  • Real Life Status

It also depends on your popularity in life, work, or school. If you are very popular, then, you will have more followers on average than the people who are less popular in real life. Another thing that you can do for increasing your follower count is to buy Instagram followers cheap

This is the main reason why you should be realistic about where you currently are as well as check your numbers against your similar accounts. 


  • Your Recent Post Engagement

When you see higher engagement in your recent post, there are possibilities that Instagram will boost it to the top of the feed of somebody. But, there is something more than that. 

If you have a history of creating high engagement posts, Instagram will nudge all of your posts. This is done in the expectation that all of your recent posts will get good engagement. 

So, this is the main reason why there is an increasing popularity of influencer marketing on Instagram. Influences always have a history of making posts that are highly engaging and perform well. The algorithm of Instagram notices this and reward influences by providing a higher ranking to their future posts specifically in the people’s feeds. 

Quick engagement also gets rewards from Instagram. Making use of popular hashtags by influencer results in quick engagement on a post. In this case, Instagram will focus on sending your post to a more number of people. 


  • Time People Spend Looking At Your Post

Instagram notices the time people spend viewing your post. If Instagram notices that people are spending more time than average interacting with your posts, it will contribute to effectively boost your post in front of a lot of people. 


Final Words

You need to have a clear idea about these particular factors whenever you are focusing to increase your Instagram followers. Although, you have the option to buy Instagram followers cheap, which will work to boost your post. This may be considered to be an effective strategy if you are serious about increasing your post engagement and followers. 


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