Presence of Rodents in Vancouver – Mice Control in Vancouver

Presence of Rodents in Vancouver – Mice Control in Vancouver


Are you fed up with the growing mice problem in Vancouver? If yes, then you need the assistance of the pest control team for mice control in Vancouver. The rodents like mice should be scrutinized and controlled at the earliest possible stage of peril to make sure that they do not cause much of a hassle. Various species of rodents that live closely with the human community are roof rats, mice, and Norway rats. You will usually uncover rodents in many parts of Vancouver. 


Pieces of Information About Rodents:


The roof rats usually move within the premise of 98 to 164 feet (ft), and mice move within the premises of 10 to 33 ft. The rats typically eat most of their food once in a day, whereas the mice bite a little amount of food throughout the day. Both, the rats and mice remain active during the night. At night, the rats are very prudent while making their move, whereas the mice are curious and they bite anything that they smell while on the move. Rodents are capable to squeeze through the small holes. The rats can squeeze through a half-inch hole, and the mice can squeeze through a quarter-inch hole. The mice are not only found in homes in Vancouver, but also in warehouses, livestock facilities, restaurants, farm fields, and food processing facilities. Thus there is a desperate need for mice exterminator in Vancouver.


The Different Types of Rodents:

  • Roof Rats: The roof rats are typically black or brown, and they measure about 40 centimeters (cm) in length. They are characterized by a pointed nose, large ears, and a long tail. They have a small and sleek body covered with smooth fur. They make their homes inside the burrows, mounted cardboards, and piles of clothing & wood. They are splendid climbers, and they often hide in the upper structures that human beings cannot reach. The female roof rats can give birth to 40 babies in the year. The roof rats carry the bacterial disease, plague with them.

  • Mice: Mice have covered short hair that may be light brown, black, or gray. They are characterized by lighter bellies, long ears, and distinguished long straight hair at the nose. The adult mice in Vancouver typically weigh 12 to 30 grams (g), and they can be 20 cm long.  The mice make their homes in farm fields and grassy and wooded areas that are usually dark and often close to food sources. They can sense food materials from a very long distance, so homeowners need the helping hands of the pest control team for mice control in Vancouver. The female mice can give birth to 35 babies in a year. The mice have a sharp hearing capability, and they can produce creaking sounds when communicating.

  • Norway Rats: Norway rats are comparatively larger rodents than roof rats and mice. They measure more than 40 cm in length with their tails measuring up to 21 cm. They weigh 500 grams, and they are frequently spotted with shaggy brown or gray fur with marked scales over their ears and tails. They live in communities in Vancouver, and they preferably make their homes in underground burrows to make their entry into buildings. The female Norway rats can give birth to 36 to 48 babies in a year. Norway rats are difficult to spot, and they usually hide during the day time. The only way to get rid of these rodents is through passing fumes of rodenticides, keeping baits, and by placing traps.


The Devastation Caused by the Rodents:

  • Rodents are the cause of 40% of food loss throughout the world.
  • They also pollute food with their fur and excreta.
  • They create a big network in residential areas with the help of their burrowing and gnawing activities.
  • Rodents can even gnaw the rigid materials encompassing lead sheathing, cinder block, aluminum siding, and some of the concrete.
  • They are the cause of a contagious bacterial disease, plague.
  • They can also compromise the electrical system in homes.
  • They are annoying creatures.


The Signs of Rodents’ Invasion

The following are the signs of rodents’ invasion in the homes of homeowners:

  • Fecal pellets
  • Footprints
  • Gnawing damage
  • Burrows
  • Strange holes
  • Urine stains
  • Squeeking sounds
  • Horrid odor.
  • Alarming sounds of pets


Ways to Exterminate Rodents in Vancouver:

There are different methods to eliminate rodents in Vancouver. The most popular methods for rodent control are traps and baits. The rodent baits work effectively to control the population of rodents like roof rats or Norway rats. The mouse traps also work well when it comes to getting rid of the mice. The pest control team can also be of great help as the mice exterminator in Vancouver.



If you want to deal with the growing population of rodents; such as roof rats, mice, and Norway rats; then you should take the precautionary steps as early as possible. The rodents can cause a great amount of devastation in the homes of homeowners, so homeowners should deal with them regularly to make sure that their generations do not get spread in their homes. Last but not least, the homeowners should show full faith in the services of the pest control team of Vancouver for dealing with the unfriendly pests, rodents successfully.


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