Is Your QuickBooks Search Not Working?

Quickbooks is one of the top software which having multiple features in App & desktop version to help managing bookkeeping tasks at daily basis work, which reduce human efforts.

There is a feature in quickbooks "quickbooks search feature", which is very helpful in terms of company file, transaction use for clients. Anything you want to do, just search it. But what you do, if you search for some features in quickbooks a message or error pops up with "quickbooks search is not working", this can be major issue for you.

What are the reasons of Quickbooks search not working?

There are several reason behind the quickbooks search not working, some of them are listed below.

  • 1. Updating Quickbooks Desktop Version : Wrong Steps taken while installing the updates.
  • 2. Error of registry with PC Windows
  • 3. Interruption the firewall of windows
  • 4. A Third party quickbooks
  • 5. Damaged Searchindex in Quickbooks
  • 6. Quickbooks Search Box not Working.

How to resolve the Quickbooks Search not Working Error?

There are two popular ways of resolving error of quickbooks not working while search. Some of the users can fix this error by themself but some need technical support. If you persist the error
quickbooks search not working after using below 2 solution than move to third option to get a professional help from experts.

Solution Type 1:

  • 1. Open the quickbooks App Desktop.
  • 2. Come out from company file by clicking exist option.
  • 3. Hit the window button on your keybord or go to window icon in left below of your computer screen.
  • 4. After opening the window, click in search box type searchindex in the search programs and files.
  • 5. Hit the enter button of your keyboard, the window will take you to C:\Users\UserName\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company File\Companyfilename.QBW folder.
  • 6. Now lookout for the folder qbw.searchindex.
  • 7. If you find the folder, try to rename the folder by adding 'old' behind the name of the folder.
  • 8. Now open quickbooks or any browser windows where you'll get the company file option. Please open that file.
  • 9. After opening the file, go on the left side panel press on update search information.
  • 10. Once you done with the given above task, updating process will start, now wait for it's notification.
  • 11. When you get notification hit the ok button.

Hope this method will work with your error, try to search your query and see whether it is working or not. If you problem still exist there than follow the second step below.

Step Type 2:

  • 1. Disable Firewall Application Protection : Now head to Control Panel window find the firewall protection application, Try to turn it off.
  • 2. After disabling the firewall protection, try to open your quickbooks check for search features.

Hope the step 2 helped you to resolve your problem, if problem is still there than move to step 3.

Step Type 3:

If you still finding difficulties with your quickbooks search not working error tired of using above given methods again again by yourself didn't succeed. It is the time to step up to ask a professional help from highly experienced Quickbooks support help. To get in touch with professional support you need to call quickbook support helpline toll free number +18443134857.

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