Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Features You Might Not Know

samsung galaxy note 20 features

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Features You Might Not Know

In fact, the new galaxy notes 20 saw the light last august. It costs about 999 USD. The new device holds only one configuration that goes with 128 GB of storage with 8 GB ram. The new note 20 is well known for the high-quality camera, wireless charging, and the fast display in addition to many other samsung galaxy note 20 features and specs that we will talk in detail in the next lines.

Most Unknown Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Features

Here are some top features of samsung galaxy note 2 which are mostly unknown by their users.

Capture More of the Moment with Single Take

With the galaxy 20 and the note 20 ultra-cameras, you can captivate the most astonishing moments easily. The camera is supported by an AI system that allows taking more to 14 types of pictures and video at the same time. You can make it happen in a delta time of 14 seconds.

In order to use such a feature, try to follow the next steps: Open the camera then access the single-mode from the menu. After that, ta the timer and set the adequate delta time that you want for your asynchronous photos and videos. 

In addition, trey to push the shutter button then the camera AI system will handle the rest. 

You will be altering the best shots for your memories. After finishing the capturing, go back to the thumbnail and you will find the fabulous scene which the AI helped to capture.

Make Your Personality Shine in Portraits

The single take is powered now by the personality shine portrait. You will be able to take a great portrait picture very easily. If you target colorful image, you can easily captivate it thanks to the new note 20 phones. All that you need to do is to pick up a background color in order to set the subject of your shots.

The new galaxy note has the ability to push hybrid optic zoom to impressive zoom by multiplying its ability by 30. Its ultra-versions can seek more than 50 times more ability of zooming. You will get a huge amount of zoom for your different tasks with our phone. You can ultimately take photos from airplanes without any problems.

Share Wi-Fi with Friends

No one can deny that sharing the Wi-Fi information and password with your guest, friends, and family is very painful. With the new samsung galaxy notes 20 features you can make it happen for you without any complications. 

It can share the Wi-Fi information with other devices at zero time. All that you need to do is accept the request from other device and the Wi-Fi is going to be granted.

Find the Highest Quality Wi-Fi Connection

With the new galaxy note 20, you will get the most stable network automatically. You will get rid of the nightmare of connection cutting during your work or studies. 

Especially within the public areas. Note 20 will inform you of the most reliable Wi-Fi point to connect to it and save a lot of time and energy. 

In addition to that, the connection will be secure and many encryption measures are going to take place. You can also save on roaming fees while in abroad if unlocked your note 20 from original network.

Share Your Favorite New Song

Moreover if you love to share songs and music with your friends and family the note 20 makes it easier for you. Its series of songs can make your library of music full of tracks that you want to share with your friends. 

This feature is very handy and easy to use, you can share them with other devices easily by a simple click.

Take Control over Video Watching with Bixby

Firstly, Thanks to the voice control Bixby, you can boost your experience of watching videos and streaming. The note 20 comes with the Bixby feature included in. All you need to do is using it. For instance, you can ask Bixby to switch to TV and watch your favorite videos or movies. 

You can pause, play, and go back to a specific scene if you missed anything. The voice control assistant is one of the top features in Samsung note 20. It is one of the best samsung galaxy note 20 features.


In the end, we can say that the new Samsung note 20 is a great choice if you want increase your quality of life. However it will optimize your life a lot thanks to the features included in the new device from Samsung.


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