Some lessons that I learned from my Internship training in accounting

Internship training

Some lessons that I learned from my Internship training in accounting

While you are graduating, an accounting internship can play a very big role to shape your career. When I was at that stage in my life I got a chance to do my internship from one of the Big 4 firms in this country. Though I don’t have enough experience to be an expert but there are a lot of things that I have learned from my internship training. Take a look at the valuable things that an internship was able to teach me.

  1. The mentors were very nice as compared to what we get in college.
  • The professionals there always had so many works to do but this overload never stopped them from teaching me about life and other important things. They taught me a lot of things about working hard enough to rise up to my expectations. And the list of such people working in the industry was unending. Every day I got to learn about new things to make our lives easier. 
  1. Increased my ability to communicate with others:
  • I still remember how shy I was while in my college. I never understood the importance of good communication skills. But when I started the accountant internship, we had team lunch every day that was a big opportunity for talking to each other. It helped me a lot in enhancing my communication skills. 
  1. The internships are worthy of spending some time on:
  • Many times in your life, you don’t get an idea about whether you love something or not until you work for it. The internship provided me with all such insights. I got to know about my nature when it comes to knowing preferring a job. 
  1. It provides you endless opportunities:
  • When you are working in a firm, you will see things like an event, promotion, new joining, resignation, etc. every week. These activities are extra opportunities to learn something new about the work culture. Based on your designation, you will get a whole new and open perspective about your life. 
  1. Learned about Forensic accounting and Public accounting:
  • Forensic accounting is the field that I was most interested in. Here, you will see how accounting activities affect the lives of people on a broad scale. In the field of forensic accounting, you will also private investigations are done to solve the problems of the clients. 
  • In the same way, you will learn about the things which are done while in public accounting. This is another interesting field. Here I learned about the accounting and taxation works that are being done for the people. 
  1. The accounting internship taught me a lot for making me a unique individual:
  • When in the internship, I felt a bit useless there. But after spending some time there I developed my way of doing the same work. This is what makes you unique in an organization. 


These are the things that I learned from the accountant internship. It depends a lot on your tastes and preferences while learning about new things. 

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