Study Tips for the CPA Exam

Want to get a good score in the CPA exam? This article would help you to acquire so. As we know, the CPA exam is one of the most demanding professional exams. 


That’s why I put together some of the CPA exam study tips which help you to crack the exam quite easily.

Here’re the CPA tips.


  • Take the exam as soon as possible
  • Plan to study 100 to 200 hours per each section
  • Don’t be stressed yourself
  • Find a CPA review course
  • Never try to guess the score
  • Avoid CPA exam depression
  • Notify the employer of the CPA exam plan
  • Search for the 18 month CPA exam
  • Determine the best time to study
  • Testing knowledge and management


Take the exam as soon as possible:

If you want to take the CPA exam, decide now. There’s no perfect time for it, and longer you have to procrastinate as harder. You should be aware of signing up for the CPA exam to meet specific educational qualifications. 


The CPA aspirant needs to understand the exam process as it takes proper planning and timing. One must have to pass the exam within 18 months to choose the order of the CPA exam very carefully. 


Plan to study 100 to 200 hours per each section:

It is highly recommended to study between 100 to 200 hours for each section of the CPA exam. Many of the CPA aspirants think 3 to 4 months per section, but it’s a wrong perspective. Passing the CPA exam is to maximize the student’s memory so quicker to sit for the exam. It sounds counterintuitive, but the learner has less time and more pressure to study to get things pretty fast through the exam material. Suppose, if the learner gives himself 16 weeks of studying for CPA then it’s challenging to have tons of time to get. 


Here, we can see some recommends regarding the CPA exam:

  • Cut out all the distractions
  • Limit a study time of 8 to 12 hours
  • Make yourself in preparing to breathe for the CPA exam


One thing that must be remembered is to consider the CPA exam as a mirror during a busy season to treat it the same way. There should always be a positive effect and won’t drag for an eternity. Also, one should study tailored to your specific situation. 


Don’t be stressed yourself:

  • One of the big mistakes that every CPA aspirant makes is trying to plan for all the four sections of the CPA exam.
  • The journey of passing the CPA exam has many unexpected turns and twists.
  • Always, it’s not that worthy of saving bucks into four sections within six months.
  • One must be independent of retaking the exam section as soon as possible.
  • Should be aware of spots at least two weeks.
  • Don’t learn the hard way; it leads to an avalanche of failure. Invariably, choose the best way to study for the CPA exam.


Find a CPA review course:

One of the essential steps in getting a good score in the CPA exam is to select a suitable CPA review course to maximize learning the best. Suppose, if the course is not designed efficiently, then the student should focus on below six steps:


  • Learn the best material
  • Become self-learner
  • If you are a self-learner, take a look at useful CPA review 
  • Complete CPA review course
  • Try for the best CPA course review
  • Search for a good discount for a CPA review course


Never try to guess the score:

  • Always, it’s tough to know how to pass the CPA examination and how the CPA exam is graded. It’s extremely complex and different variables to affect the score.
  • There will be no “pre-test” questions while taking the exam. Those questions are essential to test the candidate score, but not included in your grade.
  • Based on the difficulty, the points are given to MCQs. Even if you got negative marks in multiple-choice questions, you might receive more points, and still, it’s at a medium level.
  • The CPA exam is an adaptive test and will change based on the correct answers. If you answer the difficult questions, then it will increase more difficult questions.


Avoid CPA exam depression:

Depression is one of the dangerous side effects of taking the CPA exam. Even if the candidate passes the exam, he may experience the below signs of depression:

  • Mood swings
  • Trouble eating or sleeping
  • Difficulty in enjoying time with friends and family
  • Difficulty in facing work


If you are getting any of the above signs, let’s take a break from the exam and relax your mind. Go out with family and spend some time.


Notify the employer of the CPA exam plan:

For the people who are working in public accounting, then they are expected to study for the CPA exam. But, if you’re not, then you have to take extra care for the communication with the employer and have to schedule in taking the CPA exam. You have to ask the co-workers how the study is going.


Search for the 18 month CPA exam:

Once the candidate passes the exam section, then the countdown will start and if you do not pass the remaining sections, then the 18 months frame you a loss for the first section and forced to retake the CPA exam. 


Determine the best time to study:

Utilize every second of your day to maximize the study. Let’s keep these things in mind:

  • Go to work at 8 am
  • Get back home at 5 pm
  • Study for 45 minutes during lunch break
  • Work out for 30 to 45 minutes after you came home
  • Plan to study again from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Go to bed as early as possible
  • Repeat the same daily


Testing knowledge and management:

How you prepare one week before taking the exam is crucial to get a good score. Understand every concept in the material and practice every section with a plan. Determine the schedule for the testlet (typically 50 minutes). Take an optional break and save your time for simulations. Keep track of the progress time.



One of the hardest times in passing the CPA exam to pass or fail an exam section. It leads to extreme peaks to complete the study. CPA course review and hard work lead to getting a good score in the exam. It’s essential to manage stress levels. I hope these CPA study tips are helpful for you to get a good score on the CPA exam. Happy Learning!

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