The Multiple Facets Of the Amazing Kukri Knife

The Multiple Facets Of the Amazing Kukri Knife

While there are all kinds of blades available in the market that can take care of various tasks, some are all-rounders. A kukri knife is one of these versatile blades that have proven to be efficient in combat and domestic chores. Derived from the Subcontinent, a kukri is a long curved machete shaped like a wave. They were fixed blade knives used by an indigenous tribe of warriors in battle and a helpful agricultural tool. Thanks to the bended blade, it is useful for cutting, chopping, digging, butchering, and fighting on the field. Nowadays, it is revered in the United States as an incredibly handy knife and is used domestically and in survival training.    

How Many Ways Can You Use A Kukri Machete?

The list of things mentioned above is just some of the generic functions of the Kukri Knife. You can perform various operations with these blades that are helpful in your daily life and unique circumstances. 

  • Farming and Agriculture

First and foremost, a kukri machete is ideally used in farming. The length of the blade and the curve helps to chop large crops. You can also use force to crack tough fruits like Taro and coconuts. It is quite helpful for harvesting crops and digging soil to help fertilize it.

  • Butchering Meat 

In rural areas, there are still primitive ways used to herd cattle and grow crops. One of these tasks is also prepping, butchering, and skinning animals that are used for food. A kukri knife is a sturdy knife that is perfect for the messy job of making meat or consumption and sale.  

  • Combat Weapon

The original intent of using a kukri knife was for fighting. Soldiers used them in the First World War as face-to-face combat weapons. The machete knife curve allows the soldier to swing the blade and injure or even kill their enemies. It is not used as a weapon any longer, but it is still used as a self-defense tool in rural areas.

  • Survival Tool

There is a growing trend among Americans to practice survival training that can help them in disasters. People have started to sharpen their skills as huntsmen to master a life in the wilderness. Machetes make excellent survival knives as they are large blades that can cut through most materials. You can cut brambles, vines, tall grass, chop wood, kill animals, and take shelter with one kukri survival knife. 

Are Machetes Legal In The U.S.?

Given how slim and dangerous the kukri knife blade is, it has some restrictions on civilian use. 

  • The law around carrying and using knives varies on the state level; you need to check your state laws before purchasing knives. 
  • A kukri knife is not a regular occurrence and is often used in farming or landscaping businesses.
  • If you carry one for work, it is best to have a permit and keep it open. 
  • There are some cases where you can be charged with possession of a concealed weapon.  
  • The intent to use is quite important, as machetes have been associated with gangs in the past in the U.S. 
  • Make sure only to keep it away from children and only use it when needed. 

Can You Find Machete For Sale In The U.S.?

Despite the laws that might govern machetes’ use, there seems to be no federal law against their sale. Other than being used as weapons, kukri machetes have been used in rural areas for decades. Keeping that tradition in mind, you can, of course, buy them in your local weapon or perhaps gardening supply stores. If you want to find a fine-quality machete that is usable for farming as well as self defense, you should search online.  

Knife Import is one online weapon retail store that has the best machetes in their collection. Perfect for survivalists and farmers alike, you will find high-quality knives to suit your purpose. Here are some classic kukri knives you can get from their store. 

  • Silver D-Guard Handle Elk Ridge Machete

Ideal for agricultural use, this machete is quite useful for farming techniques. The long blade also features saw serrations, helping to cut wood, harvest crops, and dig for sowing. 

  • Z-Hunter Skull Camo Tactical Machete – Double Injection Handle

There is imminent use of a large knife when you are going on adventures. A long blade like this with a double injection handle can be the perfect self-defense weapon. Not to mention the cool camouflage detail on the blade also makes it an excellent collectible knife.  

  • Outdoor Survival 20 Inch Fixed Blade Machete Knife

You have to hike through thick forests, hunt, and butcher wild animals, or chop wood for the fire in the wild. This survival machete will help you conquer all these hurdles with ease, thanks to its wide blade. 

Buy Cheap Knives Without Compromising On Quality 

If you’re a fan of large machetes or you have become one after reading this, you can get one for yourself too. The range of knives meknife’s generic functioned above is just a few out of some of the finest blades you will find anywhere online. If you want to browse through a formidable collection of knives for sale, there is no other place like Knife Import. The number one retailer of wholesale knives; you will not only find affordable but high-quality blades in their store.

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