Top Best electric shavers for women with new technology in 2020

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Top Best electric shavers for women with new technology in 2020


Electric shavers are a way to get a soft shave and reduce skin irritation. These machines are also ideal because they provide a fast shave, so they are also ideal when traveling or in heavy traffic. Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 female epilator is suitable for all your hair needs, because it has a sharp scalp and epilator function to make your skin very smooth and soft.

Philips BikiniGenie

For lower areas, the Philips BikiniGenie cordless bikini trimmer is ideal for protecting those hard-to-reach places. Short and long hair can be shaved by trimming combs of different sizes. This kind of shave works well. These matching small shaved heads provide you with a smooth and neat bikini area.


Both include easy-to-use cutting combs with dimensions of 3mm and 5mm respectively. Just determine the size that suits your style and connect it to the milling head. If you have a smoother area, remove the comb and use a small shaving head alone.


Philips BikiniGenie is very suitable for use on wet or dry skin. The ergonomic design is easy to hold and move, giving you extra control over these sensitive areas. Once this shaver is used, cleaning is easy. Just use to shave off the excess hair, and then wipe it with a running water brush.


The trimmer comes with an AA battery, which is already included in the package. In addition, if you have the ability to make simple loom installments. Some customers pointed out that the device could not be used for that long and found that it had to replace the entire device sooner than expected.

Panasonic Cordless All-in-One

Panasonic cordless all-in-one premium electric shaver is perfect for removing short and long hair easily. This electric shaver can choose to come out of the closet to cover those long hair, so that your legs become softer than before.


This special motor is carefully designed with four sharp hypoallergenic beams and is surrounded by protective materials. This means that your skin is easily irritated due to shaving. The oven can also prevent accidents or accidents.


the good one of this shaving when you touch it quickly on a faucet or even on dry skin. When using the shower, you don’t need to worry about connecting the power cord to the water because it can be completely dissolved in the water without rust or damage. This razor is easy during dry shaving to make the razor firm and smooth.


Equipped with NiMH batteries, it is easy to refuel Panasonic electric shavers. A full charge only takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. All legs can be shaved in just five minutes of removal. After using this knife, pour it into running water and wash off the rest of the medicine. Then you can pretend to make the air dry.

Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer

Facial hair removal is essential, and it does require professional tools to complete it correctly. Panasonic will serve you again. Her facial hair is soft and soft, and her fluffy head easily follows the natural features of your face, so you can cut off the unwanted hair on your face, chin and neck tightly. It has a round hypoallergenic blade emptiness, so girls electric razor will not irritate the skin during use.


Thanks to the included accessories​​, this tool can trim unwanted beards and precise functions such as eyebrows. You can use its accessories to get the look you want. the soft stick design means that your hands feel comfortable, and when you need to comb the wrong hair while walking, it is easy to throw it in your bag. It is powered by a type A battery, and the working time is about 8 hours.

Braun Silk-epil 5

We have already done an in-depth introduction to epilators and they are not bad. Sometimes they are painful, unless you are completely forced, otherwise they are not always what you really want to do. When you want to scrape or shave all parts on one device, you can’t go wrong with Braun Silk-epil 5.


As an epilator, it has nearly 40 tweezers, which can fix and remove even the smallest hairs for up to 4 weeks. Just like anyone you know before, some people will make you sick to get the results you want. Instead, you can also use razor heads and cutting masks to keep them too close, but not so painful. No matter which way you choose, his soft head is always attached to your skin. This is the best of both worlds. Remember, this is a cordless device, so you need to be near a power outlet.

Razor for Women ISTON

This complete shaving tool can meet all your shaving needs at home or on the go. After purchase, you will get ISTON bikini shaver, hood, cleaning brush, user manual, USB cable, two tweezers and scissors. The machine can be used for bathing or showering to maximize relaxation. In addition, the travel lock has a shaver, which is suitable for portable use. Buy now.

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