What Can Be Presented to a Girl for 11 Years

gift for an 11-year-old girl

What Can Be Presented to a Girl for 11 Years

An extensive list of ideas can give a girl for her 11th birthday – from relatives and friends. Ready-made collections for women of fashion, developing, and unpredictable gifts for a girl on the occasion of her 11th birthday and tips.

A child’s birthday is an important event in the life of the birthday man himself and his parents, friends, girlfriends, and relatives. When a person receives an invitation to a holiday, he immediately begins to think about what gift to present to the occasion’s hero. After all, I want the gift to bring a smile on the birthday man’s face and not be thrown into a far corner.

Choosing a gift for an 11-year-old girl is not an easy task. First, all children have completely different interests. Secondly, 11 years is the beginning of a transitional age, a girl ceases to be a child and slowly turns into a girl.

Of course, the best option not to make a mistake with a gift is to ask the parents for advice on what gift to give a girl for 11 years, but most often, the donor wants to keep the intrigue and arrange a surprise.

Original Gifts for a Girl for 11 Years

Do you want to surprise the birthday girl with something unusual? Then you can present her with the following:

3D pen – With the help of this device, the girl will learn how to draw three-dimensional pictures.

Children’s tent – Now the girl will have her own house and the opportunity to be alone with herself.

Column – It is worth trying and finding a music speaker that will be made, for example, in the form of a dancing dog, a sleeping kitten, or a spaceship.

Gifts for a Girl on Her 11th Birthday From Parents

At the age of 11, a girl, as a rule, already has her own opinion, taste, hobbies, and hobbies. Of course, parents want to present the best gift to their child.

What gift will a growing up daughter be delighted with?

Webcam – Her online communication with friends will be even more convenient and exciting.

Nice clothes – Please do not give a girl ordinary trousers or a sweater for her birthday. Please give her a dress or a stylish suit, in which she can go to parties with her friends or other fashionable gifts.

Decorations – If finances allow, you can buy jewelry made of precious metals, but the girl will also be happy with simple jewelry.

Porcelain doll – At the age of 11, the girl still cannot be called an adult who does not show interest in the world of games. A porcelain doll will look stylish in a little princess’s bedroom and teach her to appreciate truly fragile and exquisite beauty.

Gifts From Girlfriends and Friends

Indeed, on the 11th birthday, the parents will throw a party for the girl and invite her friends, acquaintances, or classmates.

Of course, the parents of the children will be concerned about what gifts for 11 years will suit the hero of the occasion. How can friends make a girl happy with a birthday gift?

Lamp in the shape of an animal – A similar accessory presented to the DR looks very bright and unusual in the nursery.

A set of nail polishes – In this case, it is better to opt for children’s varnishes. They are easy to apply, and also easy to wash, do not damage the nail. In addition to varnishes, you can buy her nail stickers, rhinestones and glitter. The birthday girl will be able to do herself a new manicure every day.

Music Box – A pleasant and “sincere” gift will keep pleasant moments of friendship in the girl’s memory for a long time.

Small purse or clutch – Just an irreplaceable thing on a walk when you need to take your phone and a couple of other things with you.

A Gift for a Girl on Her 11th Birthday From Grandparents

Of course, grandparents will not miss the chance to pamper their beloved granddaughter and buy a birthday gift for a girl for 11 years. What can you pick up for a birthday girl who has already begun to grow up?

Beautiful pajamas – Most likely, the girl will like pajamas with cartoon characters, animals, or princesses.

Scrapbooking kit – This type of needlework is gaining popularity. Maybe scrapbooking will become a girl’s new hobby?

Plush toy – Almost before marriage, girls sleep with soft toys, so such a gift will delight even the one who has everything.

Bathroom cosmetics set – Probably the birthday girl dreams of using the same cosmetics as her mother. For starters, you can give her a bath kit: shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath, hair balm. You can complement the gift with a beautiful terry robe or towel.

What to Give a Sister for Her 11th Birthday

A gift from a brother or sister is also important for a girl, so you should take care of this in advance. You can give her the following:

Play on a computer or console – Brothers and sisters probably know each other’s tastes better, so it will not be difficult for them to choose a game as a gift.

Book – Many girls begin to read romance, detective, or fantasy novels closer to adolescence. Why not please your little sister with another book?

A set of hair crayons – With their help, you can make bright and creative hairstyles; every girl dreams of such a cool gift at heart.

General photo in a stylish frame with a commemorative inscription. A great way to show sister or brotherly love!

11th Birthday Gifts From Other Relatives

As a rule, numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins ​​, and godparents come to wish a girl a happy birthday. Not having time to wait for the invitation, they think about what gift they can give a girl of 11 years old. How can they please their beloved relative?

A beautifully designed album for girls – In such albums, beautiful drawings are printed, questionnaires for friends, there are places for photos, recording your favorite poems and songs. The girl will be delighted!

A specially designed set of sweets – In almost every pastry shop, you can buy a box of sweets with inscriptions and wishes. It can be neutral inscriptions such as “Alena’s goddaughter on her birthday”, as well as more creative ones, for example: “To our beloved chicken from aunt and uncle.”

Set of dishes – The girl will be pleased to have her cup and saucer, and if it is decorated with a dedicatory inscription, it will be doubly significant.

Unusual headphones – All children love listening to music so that the birthday girl will be delighted with unusual headphones with ears or horns.

Budget Gifts for a Girl for Her 11th Birthday

It is not at all necessary to give the girl expensive, cool gifts. Sometimes the cool gifts for 11-year-old girls aren’t expensive.

A padded notebook and a set of pens – Girls love to write down something, draw, draw up questionnaires. Such a gift will not lie idle.

A bottle of toilet water – For 11-year-old ladies, choose eau de toilette with fruity, floral, or fresh aromas. There are inexpensive options for children’s perfume for sale.

A bouquet of balloons – Balloons are an obligatory attribute of the holiday, which gives a lot of positive emotions.

A set of hair ties – Elastic bands are torn, lost and stretched out of place. It’s just great if the young princess has a few “in reserve”.

Some More Exciting Gift Ideas for Girls for 11th Birthday

If parents or other relatives usually give unusual gifts, then an 11-year-old girl will like the following:

Smartwatch – An incredibly popular accessory in the modern world.

Microscope – A wonderful present for a young researcher who is discovering the world of science.

Keychain to help you find keys – Time for getting ready for school and finding keys will be saved!

A small sofa in the form of an animal or a cartoon character – Friends who come to the girl will line up to sit on it for at least 5 minutes.


Thus, the 11th birthday is a significant stage in the life of every girl. She is slowly saying goodbye to the world of childhood and is gradually approaching adulthood. Gifts for this holiday to her, without exaggeration, will be remembered for a lifetime, which is why they must be matched with the soul.

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