What is UGC Platform and Why You Need it

UGC platform

What is UGC Platform and Why You Need it


From the past many years, brands adopted different marketing strategies to build user-engagement and trust. They move towards exhibiting user-generated content, preferably than developing branded content for their brand’s promotion. 


Nowadays, social media platforms have become an extraordinary source of user-generated content for brands and future clients. Through this, the user can share their experiences related to the brand in the form of feedback, photographic content, visual reviews, ratings, comments, and many more. 


User-Generated Content Platform – Basics


The user-generated content platform, in simple words, is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. It is utilized in the brand’s marketing and helps to manage end-to-end solutions. 


With the use of a user-generated content platform, it becomes easier for a brand to discover and curate beneficial and relevant UGC from an assorted range of social media into a single feed. 


Best UGC Platform for Your Brand Marketing



Taggbox is among the best UGC platforms that permit the brands to discover, collect, moderate, and display UGC from diverse marketing platforms. Taggbox helps aggregate social media feeds using hashtags, page URLs, mentions, keywords, and many more. 


In addition, this platform also offers some of the advanced features to repurpose the UGC by customizing and personalizing. With features like moderation, the brands can easily filter out irrelevant content. UGC rights feature of Taggbox helps to get the legal rights of users’ content.




ShortStack is a leading brand that supports businesses to collect UGC in diverse ways such as organizing customizable quizzes, contests, goodies giveaways, promotions, and much more. That is why it has gained popularity and become a favourite software for competitions and contests. 


These contests offer great benefits to the brands as well as customers. It helps to engage more customers and brands to collect information about participants, which can be later utilized for newsletters or remarketing.




Pixlee is another powerful user-generated content platform that supports brands with determining marketing elements. This UGC platform works in the same way, by accumulating social media feeds and displaying them on one platform. 


This user-generated content platform offers services to different domains, especially eCommerce businesses, to turn their social to sales.




Stackla is another substantial and solid UGC platform in the market for powerful curation and accumulation of social content. This user-generated content platform can easily collect data from any of the social media platforms and use it for visual recognition and geotagging. 


It has an AI platform, which curates the patter through a machine learning process and gives its client predictive recommendations. Its most important part is the long-term relationship with its customers and shows its effectiveness in the market.


Advantages of UGC platform

Social Proof


One of the vital advantages of user-generated content is that it serves as excellent social proof. When customers see content from your real customers, it helps to enhance your brand’s credibility. This, as a result, will help to bring your brand’s promises into viewpoint. 


It makes your brand powerful when your intended audience sees a post from happy clients who use your product via social media aggregator. This will make them take your brand seriously and become your potential buyers.


Bridge the Gap Between Brand and its Fan


Probably the best advantage of user-generated content is somewhat a success win for both, i.e., brands and their fans. It is because you are letting the voice of your fans tell their story, which, as a result, is a good marketing tactic for your brand. 


This makes sure that marketing messages are real customers instead of the brands. It also lets you get a chance to highlight the individuals who have helped shape your brand.


UGC is a Greatest Source of Visual Content


Marketing budget plans are frequently stretched thin, as resources are often restricted. Thus when it comes to creating visual content, the marketers should stay creative. 


User-generated content is the greatest developing source of visual content that marketers have readily available. Marketers have the option to take advantage of these resources on a large scale as there are millions of individuals sharing photos and videos on social media. 


Cut the Ads Noise by UGC Marketing


It becomes very challenging for the brands to cut through the clamor as the clients are barraged by diverse ads and promoted content regularly. Thus user-generated content is a way to shut out the ads and influence customers through generic marketing. 


Customers find UGC more authentic and relevant. Thus, it helps to engage the audience without making their eyes glaze over.


Final Words


In the present marketing world, consumers have more trust in UGC than branded content. Thus for any brand or business, it is essential to move ahead with the trend and sustain their marketing presence and maintain their online presence. 


Thus brands nowadays are looking for diverse ways to display real-life user experiences and gaining consumers’ trust.


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